Platformio ci --project-option -> multiple options


when I want to use more flags in --project-option do I need to put for each flag another --project-option?


--project-option="build_unflags = -std=gnu++11" --project-option="build_flags = -std=c++14" 

I tried it on my project and that work well. When I tried to use multiple flags for one --project-option then it fail

If is that correct behavior and it is not possible to use one --project-option for multiple flags, could you please add an example to documentation (e.g. the same as my example)?

You can use an option the only one time. Otherwise, it will be overwritten by Python INI parser.

So, you can use multiple --project-option options but with unique INI options inside.

Thank you for the answer.

Just to show in the documentation that this is the required form of passing multiple options to platformio init.

--project-option="build_unflags = -std=gnu++11" --project-option="build_flags = -std=c++14" 

Thanks! We have improved docs => Redirecting...