Platformio can not find linker script file

I am trying to work with stm32f303k8t6 using HAL Library. Platformio can not find linker script file for stm32f303k8t6 so it uses default linker script file.!
What is default linker script for stm32f303k8t6 mcu? Where can i find it?
İt looks there is not any error when building project but when i load binary file to the mcu, it doesnt perform any action. So i think linker file is not correct. Why is not mcu working?

@valeros please help here.

Hi @Hamza7234!
This warning means that the linker script for that board was generated automatically based on the sizes of FLASH/RAM. You can find this script in this folder: c:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\.platformio\packages\framework-stm32cube\platformio\ldscripts\.
Maybe you could provide any additional info? What is your project? How do you check that board is not working?