Platformio build fails!

Hi (back story) I have two pc one very fast one a day one slow one but I also use other pc. I have been using platformio to build marlin (3d printer firmware) for almost a year now with absolutely no issues (till now but it could be my fault),so thank you for such an amazing platform. Here is the issue on the slow pc (after formating it for reason not relevant) I installed vs code and platformio I I normally do. I make some marlin folders (3 to be exact patches of firmware for 3 different machines),and run the build function inside vs code that platformio offers as per usual and everything works great (although terribly slow but not a platformio issue). However two days ago I made some changes to the code press build and a very unusual error pops up, basically stating that the platformio.exe file was not found on my marlin folder! I thought the file was supposed to be in the .platformio folder in side scripts which inside a other folder (I don’t remember the name), so I go to that specific place and there is the file. My first thought was to delete my settings.json file from vs code since I thought that something might be messing with platformio pathing but to no result. I later started deleting folders and files till I get a fix. I eventually deleted and un-installed everything and to my surprise no fix. I even set the correct path for vs code in the settings.json file which also didn’t help. Can anyone explain? I also tried to compile from deferment machines whichever worked flawlessly out of the box!