PlatformIO AWS Cloud9 setup


I would like to know how to setup PlatformIO on AWS Cloud9 IDE. I followed the instructions on this link:
But it seems to be outdated and I get a bash error after I install the PlatformIO on Cloud9 and try to login to PIO Remote.

Please advise

Thank you

…And what exactly is the content of that error message?


Please see attached

Seems like installing PlatformIO via the

sudo python -c "$(curl -fsSL"

command only makes it available for sudo – can you try executing it without sudo?


I tried. The same result . see below attached image


Okay, first you should uninstall the root-installed platformio version again with sudo pip remove platformio as to not have two PIO versions.

Then I guess there’s no way around doing what the text output shows: Adding PIO to the path. As the linked docs Redirecting... explain, try and execute

export PATH=$PATH:~/.platformio/penv/bin

and retry the pio command.