PlatformIO and ESP32 doesn't work


I keep getting these error messages. I did uninstall and install VSCoed, PlatformIO etc for 100 times.
What can I do?

What is your platformio.ini? It’s supposed to be esp-prog, not esp_prog. The error message is valid. And it also displays the solution in the error message (“Must be one of…”)


Very very thanks!

That’s it for the first.

Now I’ve the next problem. I’ve an ESP-Prog with an ESP23 Devkit over JTAG. I think, the error want to say, I have adjust the connecting. On COM8 and COM9 I#ve the two channels of the ESP-Prog. But what is what and wher I need to adjust this?

Make sure you have used Zadig to load the correct drivers for the ESP-PROG so that OpenOCD can actually interact with it. That’s decribed e.g. in It also contains the wiring.

Danke! Thank you!

I have it for for now.

I’m desperate. I had managed to make it work. Ater an annoying error message came up, it finally worked. for whatever reason.

The PC new started the error back. I need to reinstall the drivers with zadig afte the PC new start every time.

The flash verify / write errors may stem from bad cabling or too high debugging speed. Try setting debug_speed = 500 in the platformio.ini, for example (docs).

Other than that, you may be able to use the libusb device filter to automate loading the right drivers for the debug probe.

Thank you!
But unfortunately nothing helps.