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PlatformIO 6.0.0, VSCode; Processes use up all memory and crash computer

“PlatformIO: Rebuilding IntelliSense Index” begins on VSCode startup, quickly consumes all RAM (up to 32 GB), and causes the computer to crash. Unfortunately this does not produce any logs since the computer hard-crashes.
Likewise, if the Rebuild python task is ended via task manager and a build is attempted (compiling Marlin firmware), the build process will cause the same issue.
I’m guessing the issue is related to the 6.0.0 core since I haven’t had any issues in the past with the same code, but downgrading to 5.2.5 with

pip install -U "platformio==5.2.5"

returns the following error:

Obsolete PIO Core v5.2.5 is used (previous was 6.0.0) Please remove multiple PIO Cores from a system:

I noticed other users compiling marlin code have had similar issues as well, but since the “Rebuilding IntelliSense Index” process has the same issue I’m guessing its unrelated to the code I’m compiling. I’ve also tried reinstalling python. Is there a solution I’m missing, or something I’m doing wrong to downgrade to 5.2.5?

maybe you need to remove the PIO Core v6.0

CC @ivankravets

Does this occurr with any project or a specific one? Can you share that project if possible?

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Do you use Marlin project? Similar issue

Could you try to re-run pio upgrade --dev. Does it work now?

Upgrading to core version 6.0.1 fixed the issue, thank you for the fast response!

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