: how to update watch windows in real time without breakpoint


I am new to development of embedded projects in in VSCode.
I have been using Keil for a while and enjoyed debugging program using watch window to monitor status of global variables in real time, while the program is running parallel.

However I am unable to find same solution in Watch window do work if breakpoint is used but it halts the execution , I don’t want to halt execution.

I think this is inherently due to how the VSCode debugger works. You might give it a shot to file an issue in Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub for this feature, but it may also need implemenation in VSCode itself.

I think technically one can set a data-breakpoint in the debug console manually with GDB, so that the processor is halted and continued if a write to a certain variable occurs, which might update the value in the window – not sure.

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