Platform IO for Lua Development

Hi All,

I’m working on a product that runs Lua code off of a uSD card and is has serial communications. Currently we have a custom plug-in for notepad++ that allows editing and uploading Lua code to our board. Since the tool runs in notepad++ its not cross platform compatible. I’ve used platformIO for some PiPico development and it works great for that. Our goal is to get a cross platform development environment for our customers. I work in Linux so I use VS Code with the lua-language-server extension then just copy the code using nautilus and communicate with minicomm.

I’m not sure if shoehorning our workflow into platformIO is a good idea or not. What we like about platformIO is that it has the serial terminal built in and the tracking of libraries as git repo commits.

Alternatively we are just considering developing a VS Code plugin that does what our notepad++ plugin is already doing.

platformIO kind of feels like a square peg / round hole issue for what we are trying to accomplish and I thought I would ask if this is dumb idea or not.