Platform io and gitignore

When I create a new project in, why does it create a .gitignore with


I want to sync these folders between different computers, is there any reason not to remove the entries? Why does platform io not sync them?


Thats your build artifacts and your library download folders. When you building the project on any machine these are automatically generated. Its not common practice industry to commit things to git that are artifacts or source you did not generate, hence the gitignore. If you are installing libraries via pio lib install, the way to sync library installs is to specify the libraries in the platformio.ini file.

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That makes sense. I have 2 pc’s one windows which is my main dev pc and a ubuntu pc. When i git pull the project to the ubuntu and open/build the project it doesn’t download the required libraries. Is that because of a setting in platform io?


specify your lib_deps field in your platformio.ini file and when you do pio run it will automatically fetch any missing dependencies

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. The library’s on the windows machine are located in “pioenvs\heltec_wifi_lora_32”, not lib_deps as i would expect. “heltec_wifi_lora_32” is the board im using. On the windows machine these are automatically pull down when i build the project.

lib_deps is not a folder, you do not need to worry about where they are stored. Its a parameter in your project configuration file. See documentation.

I am using:


Any thoughts?