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Platform IO 4 - build take much more time than in version 3

I have a question what happen with build process in PIO 4 - build of my project based on arduino DUE take much longer than before, in one of the first PIO 4 version it never ended.

In PIO 3 build took about 30 seconds and in PIO 4 its 10 minutes - what happen and how can I fix it ?

Could you provide a simple project to reproduce this issue? What is your OS?

On simple project it seems to be working fine, I can’t publish project which causing an issues.
I’m using Ubuntu

another question - event it first build will take 10 minutes - next build should compile just files which has been changed, right ?

Generally, yes. If you alter platformio.ini you’ll get a full rebuild. IIRC adding files to the project also triggers a full rebuild.

but right now it trigger full rebuild each time - even if Im not changing anything in project

so is there anything I can do except downgrade to pio 3 and disabling updates ?