Platform IDE for MAC pro

Hi, I have installed PlatformIO in Mac Pro…and installation happened successfully. But I cannot edit the code in editor.I can able to open the folders and code. Pls suggest how to fix this issue

Please show a screenshot of what you mean.

It took me a while to figure it out, but to edit press I, the cursor changes from square to vertical bar, it works for me.

Then you’re in Vim and i is for insert-mode. This is not the VSCode standard, I think you can only get that through extensions.

This portal is not allowing to upload
d image

Pls find screenshot…initially this portal
not allowed…

These big blocky cursors look like vim to me. Press i to go in insert mode and start typing or find what extension changed your editor to VIM and delete it in the VSCode extension sidebar, since you seem to have not installed voluntarily if you can’t edit code with it…

Thanks max…it worked well…removed VIM emulation which has caused
this issue.