Platform "Espressif 8266 * 3.2.0+sha.bb547ce" uninstall not possible

I found 2 versions of platform “Espressif 8266” installed

Espressif 8266 3.2.0
“Espressif 8266 * 3.2.0+sha.bb547ce”

Tried to uninstall both versions, but “Espressif 8266 * 3.2.0+sha.bb547ce” cannot be deleted.
It seems to uninstall, but after restarting Platformio it is available again.

What does the extention to the platform name mean?
Why it’s not possible to uninstall?

Hope you can help …

Are you compiling your project with

platform = espressif8266


platform =

? The “bb567ce” is currently the latest commit in platform-espressif8266 and so Espressif 8266 * 3.2.0+sha.bb547ce describes exactly that version, which would be installed when a project uses the latter platform directive with the git link.

Yes, that was the reason!
Thank you!