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Pip installs to wrong location while using VSCode

I am currently using VSCode for python3 projects. After installing PlatformIO all pip package installs now install to the .platformio python2 directory, not the standard python3 directory. I have tries to find a setting or command to change the install path but have not had any luck.

Thanks for the help,


How did you install PlatformIO? What commands did you run? And what OS are you on?


I am on a Dell Latitude 5591 running windows 10. I originally installed VSCode than python 3.7. I have an Arduino component to my work project and started to look for a better IDE and came across platformio. I installed it using the extension options built into VSCode. After the instillation I would try to use the pip install command from the terminal in VScode and it is all routed to the .platformio python 2 install instead of the standard python 3 install that it was using before. I set my python interpeter to python 3.7, but it still uses the platformio pip anyway.