Pip installs to wrong location while using VSCode

I am currently using VSCode for python3 projects. After installing PlatformIO all pip package installs now install to the .platformio python2 directory, not the standard python3 directory. I have tries to find a setting or command to change the install path but have not had any luck.

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How did you install PlatformIO? What commands did you run? And what OS are you on?


I am on a Dell Latitude 5591 running windows 10. I originally installed VSCode than python 3.7. I have an Arduino component to my work project and started to look for a better IDE and came across platformio. I installed it using the extension options built into VSCode. After the instillation I would try to use the pip install command from the terminal in VScode and it is all routed to the .platformio python 2 install instead of the standard python 3 install that it was using before. I set my python interpeter to python 3.7, but it still uses the platformio pip anyway.

I am using Ubuntu, and I see the very same issue. I don’t know that it ends up being a real problem, because I can still use the things pip installs. It is just a strange place to go looking for your pip installed functions, and you might be tempted to remove .platformio for other reasons and destroy your pip installs inadvertently.

it seems I do have the same problem now using ubunu 1804.
After installing platformIO extension in vscode it somewhat took over vscode python environment even in non-platformIO projects. This leads to the problem that other project do not find their python packages anymore as those are for good reason not part of the platformIO-python-environment.
Any ideas how I can solve this problem mixing?

We use PlatformIO Core installation script Redirecting...
It installs PlatformIO Core into the isolated Python environment. You can remove %HOMEDIR%/.platformio/penv folder and re-run this script manually. It will look for Python 3 by default.

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This is a pathetic answer! How am I supposed to know WHICH script I should select on the link? THere are a myriad of instructions on that link. I find it unacceptable that platform_io is hogging all the python projects on VSCode! Do you own VSCode?

I just want platform_io to leave my normal projects alone! If I want to use platform_io, I will load it specifically.
So what exactly should I do in order to get rid of this nuisance?

Do you mean this PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation?