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Pioplus.exe detected with virus

Although have being using PIO for a while, today AVG quarantined pioplus.exe with the following message.

“We’ve moved pioplus.exe to your Virus Chest because it was infected with Win32:Xpaj-gen.”

Scanned it myself at VirusTotal and result is AVG, Avast & Cylance detecting it as virus.
Anyone have same issues?

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I think it’s a false positive, given that only 3 of 40+ antivirii at Virustotal detect this.

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PlatformIO 4.0 will use pioplus.exe only for PIO Remote. You can remove it if you don’t need this service. If we back again to this issue, pioplus.exe is Golang based application which contains some parts of Python code inside which depend on PlatformIO Core Python API. It seems that antivirus does not like this combination.

In any case, we are working on removing this dependency to pioplus.exe. The last thing is PIO Remote and we plan to open source it too soon.

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Thank you for your reply,
I also suspect that there is a false positive error of the AV programs. Bc AVG and Avast are widely used, it would be interesting to see if other community members have faced the same issue.
Anyway, since not really needing it, until proven otherwise I have renamed pioplus.exe thus disabling it from running.
I was aware that it was using Golang and might well be the reason for a false positive. I’ll wait for the updates.
Cheers and thanks again for the your work.