PIO/VSCode stopped working

Hi colleagues,

Have pio installation working on my mac for a quite long time. Last time it was working today’s morning, I tested some arduino PRs with it, etc. Just ran it again and observe no pio commands nor home screen. Any attempt to call PIO ends with “command … not found”

I removed vscode installation, ~/.platformio and ~/.vscode directories, then downloaded vscode again and installed pio extension in it. Vscode said, something has been downloaded, like frameworks etc, but ~/.platformio directory has not been created and no pio home or any other pio artefacts became available.

Please help - how to solve this? I need it urgently and cannot repair.

Version: 1.50.1
Commit: d2e414d9e4239a252d1ab117bd7067f125afd80a
Date: 2020-10-13T14:53:05.704Z (3 days ago)
Electron: 9.2.1
Chrome: 83.0.4103.122
Node.js: 12.14.1
OS: Darwin x64 19.6.0

pio 2.1.1

Thank you.

Well, downgraded to pio 2.1.0 and everything has been installed and working

After upgrading to PIO extension 2.1.1, I get the same error. Help -> Toggle Developer tools points at a missing package here.

Activating extension 'platformio.platformio-ide' failed: Cannot find module 'os-tmpdir'
Require stack:
- c:\Users\Maxi\.vscode\extensions\platformio.platformio-ide-2.1.1\node_modules\tmp\lib\tmp.js
- c:\Users\Maxi\.vscode\extensions\platformio.platformio-ide-2.1.1\node_modules\platformio-node-helpers\dist\index.js
- c:\Users\Maxi\.vscode\extensions\platformio.platformio-ide-2.1.1\dist\extension.js
- c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\out\vs\loader.js
- c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\out\bootstrap-amd.js
- c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\out\bootstrap-fork.js.

Environment is Win10 x64, VSCode 1.50.1 (latest), Extension version 2.1.1, core 5.0.1.

CC @ivankravets for critical bug?

Manually fixed by having npm installed (my version is 6.14.8), going into C:\Users\<user>\.vscode\extensions\platformio.platformio-ide-2.1.1\ and executing npm i os-tmpdir to install the missing package. The code should probably be altered though as there’s a deprecation warning: https://www.npmjs.com/package/os-tmpdir

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Crazy awful Node.JS env. Can’t understand how people code here. It seems that some idiot decided to remove dependency without incrementing major version.

P.S: Working on that, sorry.

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Fixed in PIO 2.1.1 does not work · Issue #2170 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub

Please update PlatformIO IDE extension.

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