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Pio remote without login?

Hello, platformio authors!

Recently my company has discovered pio as nice platform for development and education. At some moment we wanted to use pio remote for debugging on remote computers in a local network in the same room. Although we can download packages from pio servers we are not allowed to use the login functionality for connecting agent with dev host. Is there some way to do this directly? Like actually visual studio code it does? VSC uploads an agent over ssh and scp, without going somewhere for just connecting two computers in a room. I know, the connection is encrypted, but the problem is the location of the server where we connect. It should be in my country. Thats why it would be so nice to have an option to choose how to connect: offline or online.


With regards,
Ivan Belyaev

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Partially answered in GET request sent to server located in Russia "" and In-house remote server, not available as of yet.


Thanks, @maxgerhardt, for the right links.

There is a good progress from our side. We deployed the new registry 1 month ago. So, packages (libraries, dev-platforms, toolchains) are now hosted in EU(Gemrany), not in Ukraine. Registry has decentralized architectures and there are a few mirrors a cross the globe to guarantee 99.9999% uptime.

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Ok this is good! But is there still a chance to get in the future offline “pio remote”? This is great that I can connect to a computer in Japan and upload code to an attached microcontroller, but I have a computer in front of me. Why I need internet and going around the world for an offline application?

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