PIO remote upload does not run extra scripts

Yeah so now that I’ve gotten my remote upload back and running, I was trying to remote upload Marlin code back into my 3d printer controller via the Raspberry Pi.

I noticed that it failed because it couldn’t detect extra_scripts as denoted by in the environment:
extra_scripts = Marlin/src/HAL/HAL_LPC1768/upload_extra_script.py

While not a bug as it may not be intended for this purpose. I thought I’d post to let you know.


You can try to do first compilation on remote side via -r flag. Then, it should work from host machine.

This is a feature, not a bug. PlatformIO Remote does not sync whole your host file system with remote machine. The only src, include, lib and Redirecting... is synced.


@ivankravets Thank you for the clear explanation. I actually thought that only the build files will be sent to the remote agent, and hence the post-scripts will not be in scope during upload. Looks like the --force-remote option would do exactly what I would require.

Also learnt something new about the new shared_dir. Platformio really has everything covered!