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PIO Remote Testing Bug

When running unit tests via PIO Remote for the Teensy framework, the unit tests are all built, and then uploaded to the remote device. Unfortunately, this results in only the last-compiled test actually running on the device.

Here’s an example: only test_state_field_registry actually runs on the device.

Build command:
platformio remote --agent PANTeensyFarm test -e teensy -v

Build environment:

platform = teensy
board = teensy35
framework = arduino
build_flags = 
test_build_project_src = true
src_filter = +<*>
test_filter = *
upload_protocol = teensy-cli

Seems like the --force-remote option fixes this issue, but I’m not sure why.

It looks like a bug, please file here

Yes, --force-remote is the right solution here.