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PIO remote issues


I’ve recently changed to pio remote for ci. I’ve encountered a few issues:

  • Pio 3.6.5 remote fails to use a custom sdkconfig.h. The builder for this framework looks for this file, which isn’t uploaded by default.
  • Pio 3.6.5 remote fails to build using --force-remote when headers are in include/ . This folder is not automatically uploaded thus making the full remote build fail.
  • I couldn’t make PIO 4.0.0 (dev version) work with pio remote. Ran into issues with the dreader bytes/string problems. This is not as important since this is a dev version.

By chance I found a work around, which is to kick a build with --force-remote, which will fail but will upload the custom sdkconfig.h and then run a normal remote build afterwards, which will now find that file.

I think PIO remote is super useful, I particularly liked the fact that it doesn’t seem to require opening ports on the firewall and plays nicely with docker/k8s, but it seems to have some sharp edges which makes a bit worried to start using in production ci. Is development ongoing?


Thank you so much for the post! Could you forward issues to


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