Pio/platformio not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script


I recently installed Platformio from VSCode and after trying to login through the cli (terminal on the platformio home) I get this code.

My system has python 3.7.2 but apparently this version might not be supported by PIO (?).

I encountered this issue when trying to login using my alternative password on the cli since I couldn’t find a login page to type a new password in order to recover my account.

Any help will be very much appreciated.



By default PIO tools are not put in the PATH of your system for the console to find.

You can just open VSCode and open a PIO terminal, as described in the documentation.

Or if you do want it to be usable from a shell (like I do), the FAQ tells you how to put it in your PATH.

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Dear max

So basically after compiling my first project I tried typing again the command pio --version and it responded successfully.

I am not quite sure if the console was disabled being that I did not have any project opened.

Thanks for your kind help.

After 5+ years of using the Arduino IDE I decided to migrate to PIO and I must admit that I AM IN LOVE already