PIO installer installs wrong library without Nextion DS Button

When I search the “Nextion” library in PIO home, I find the Library “Nextion by ITEAD Studio”
When I click on it and click on the Github symbol under “Resources” it leads me here:

So far so good.

BUT when I install this library using the PIO installer it does not install this library!

The library that is beeing installed in my .platformio/lib folder does not contain the folowing files:

The GitHub repository does.

When I want to make some of my older Projects work I have to manually add those files in the installed library and also add them to the list in nextion.h.

My question: why is the library installed by the PIO installer different from the github repository it points to?
Where can I make a pull request to add those missing files to the PlatformIO Library?

Thank you very much for any help.
It is my first day on Platformio and it is quite a tough start to make my projects from Arduino and Sloeber work on Platformio.

Very weird. Well Nextion doesn’t provide a library.json with its library (it actively refused the Pull Request) so PlatformIO had to fork it. @ivankravets, it seems GitHub - ivankravets/ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion at patch-1 it slightly out of date? It’s really weird that the repo does contain the NexDualStateButton.cpp file but $ pio lib --global install Nextion downloads a version without these files.

Ha. Even Nextion has left out the NexDualStateButton.cpp file in their official library release, so that may be a reason why. See for yourself: Releases · itead/ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion · GitHub

With that given I don’t know whether its meant to be used by developers, lol.

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The latest tagged release is 0.7.0 which is presented in our registry. They did some “soft” release 0.9.0 without a tag. I’ve just updated my PR and it should point to 0.9.0.

Thanks for pinging me! :blush:

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Yes after redownloading it now gives Nextion 0.9.0 with the NexDualStateButton.cpp files being present. But Github still says that it’s 30 commits behind?


Really sure it’s same version as from their repo now?

It looks like Ivan just updated the version number in the manifest file. I’m guessing that this is all that is needed since the repository source listed in the library manifest is the "official’ url, not the fork, so the PIO crawler/registry will use that for the actual content? Didn’t realise that you could do that… means you could have your own custom library manifests which point to the source library repo if the authors are stubborn/absent/etc.

:grinning: wow, thanks a lot!

I think that is because the v.0.7.0 release is from 2015 and the dual state buttons were introduced in 2015 as well, presumably shortly afterwards.
Dual state button support has been added to their repository in Nov 11th 2015, it is supported in their development Gui software, and it works.
So maybe their official release is just outdated.