PIO-IDE Installation in Atom is stuck

Hello !

I try to install platformio-ide for atom for win10 x64, but neverthelesss which way I try (via package manager or also in terminal via apm) it gets always stuck in the installation screen.

I tried also to be more than patient and let it run 8h … but no success.
Even Atom is not usable anymore. I think this is very unlovely, to do something in the background, which gives no informartion, what it is doing and where it get stuck.
Tried also to uninstall python…reinstall Atom. Deleting all atom and platformio related folders in the user folder and do a clean install. But also no way …
Tried it now since 3 days with no success.

Is there somewhere a log-file where I can find out what the problem is?
Is it really true, that the install is not sharing any information, what it is doing ???

Kind regards