PIO IDE in VSCode: ATmega328P-XMINI

How can I add ATmega328P-XMINI board in PIO IDE for development.

It’s just an ATmega328P on a fancy breakout board isn’t it? Just treat it like what it is… an ATmega328P.


Given that the user manual shows that there is a mEDBG (ATMega32U4) as the debug/flash chip…

and the available AVRdude protocols

  xplainedmini     = Atmel AVR XplainedMini in ISP mode
  xplainedmini_dw  = Atmel AVR XplainedMini in debugWIRE mode
  xplainedpro      = Atmel AVR XplainedPro in JTAG mode

I’d first try a configuration like

platform = atmelavr
board = ATmega328P
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = xplainedmini
upload_flags = -P usb

If that doesn’t work I’d need to see a “Verbose upload” log.

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