PIO can't install toolchain-xtensa

Hi, I was working fine with platformio, but today I wanted to build a project for esp8266, and I got this error:

Error: Could not install ‘toolchain-xtensa’ with version requirements ‘~1.40802.0’ for your system ‘windows_amd64’.
If you use Antivirus, it can block PlatformIO Package Manager. Try to disable it for a while.

I have already disabled the antivirus (Windows Defender), and have reinstalled platformio and VS Code, and I still continued getting the same error, may you help me?


Hi Pablo,

I had the same problem yesterday, also with other automatic pio installs.
Repeating (very) many times did help. I switched to using pio commands for that).

I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend disabling security software for that. It was not required for me.

On the contrary: anyone suggesting something like this is highly suspicious:
If I were a hacker, I would build installation routines for useful tools that require switching off virus protection.
Then I would attack systems that are in the process of downloading/installing with my software. Very convenient and efficient.

This is a known issue, see temporary solution