PIO cannot detect my board

Whenever I run pio test, i get one of the following two error messages


There are a number of things to note

  • PIO can detect my device before I run the command. However, after I run the command, PIO can no longer see my device
  • This occurs on both my windows laptops
  • This occurs on also on Ubuntu 20.04 but with a message similar to the second one above.
  • If the second error occurs, device manager looks like this after running the command. Before running, it would contain a “Ports” entry
  • If the first error occurs, device manager contains something along the lines of “Unrecongnized Device” after running the command. (I cant seem to reproduce the first error which is why there is no picture)
  • My platformio.ini file is the following
  • All these errors seemed to have occured after I got a new laptop and new USB hub, but when I remove the hub or change the laptop, theses errors still persist