PIO and Arduino IOT Cloud OTA firmware update?

Hi, Im using PIO for my project using ESP32 and Arduino IOT Cloud, everything works great I love Platformio. Not long time ago, Arduino iot cloud added support for OTA with ESP32 boards, now you can use OTA function to upload the new firmware in the Arduino Web editor, instead of port_x, you choose ESP32 Over the air and thats it.
The question is , can I use this OTA function with Platformio and how?

According to https://docs.arduino.cc/arduino-cloud/features/ota-getting-started

An IoT Cloud sketch is generated by the IoT Cloud application, it leverages the Arduino IoT Cloud and Arduino Connection Handler libraries to give your sketch IoT powers.

When uploading a sketch over-the-air:

  • The sketch is compiled for the selected board type.
  • The compiled file is stored in a AWS S3 bucket.
  • OTA file url location is associated with the target device.
  • OTA_REQ flag set to true to instruct the board to start the OTA file download.
  • OTA file length/CRC is verified.
  • Updated sketch is flashed on the board.

Unless we know / reverse what APIs the web editor is calling to push the firmware to the Arduino cloud (and probably do the user authentication) we’ll have a hard time.

Ok then, case closed, thanks.