Pic32-gcc Makefile -compile under PlatformIO

is it possible to compile project from Makefile ?, is there anyway to import Makefile (pic32-gcc) ??.
I have been struggling since few days, providing own compilation flags, including own linker script -didn’t helped. Declaring board -force compiler to use board linkers -which cannot be found, used to see arrors like: pic32-cpp.exe: error: : No such file or directory.

Does make sense to use this framework for such task ??

When you choose to use PlatformIO you are using its build and configuration system (docs), which is itself based on the SCons build system. It isn’t supposed to compile your makefile project. However I’m sure you can get the project to compile the PIO way with the proper definitions and configuration.

The PIC32 framework is supported so if you have any errors with that we would need to know the code you’re trying to compile and your platformio.ini.

that’s the project: GitHub - yamori813/pic32mx_usb_i2s

, platformio.ini:
platform = microchippic32
board = chipkit_DP32-mod
;framework = arduino

; change MCU frequency
board_build.f_cpu = 8000000L

build_flags =
; “-IC:/Program Files (x86)/Microchip/xc32/v1.33/pic32mx/include/”
-Wl,-L,-L"C:/Program Files (x86)/Microchip/xc32/v1.33/pic32mx//lib/proc/32MX250F128B",-Wl,–defsym,_min_heap_size=512,-Wl,-Map=output.map,-T$PROJECT_DIR/src/selfboot.ld,-TC:/pinguinoX.4-rev959/p32/lkr/elf32pic32mx.x,-v

6 Year old legacy stuff?

Also, you seem to be including the header of a library here for the USB functionality, but using this only the header is included, the code itself is not compiled; this will lead to undefined reference errors, the USB library code must be placed inside the project (e.g. as a lib/ folder)

Two linker files, one of which is a .x file? How does that work?

You have a double -L there and a double //. Also you seem to want to add a path to the library search path but which exact .a libraries must you include from there? The -l flags are missing here.

I’ll have a look at the project and will try to come up with the fixes.

basically -need to compile it for 250F128B, project is for 220F032B …which is discontinued and id very hard to get hold of one.

elf32pic32mx.x -it’s a pinguino related stuff-USB Pinguino Bootloader, I can use any 32MX250F128B dev-board, I have chosen chipKit-DP32 for now…
Probably Makefile from project will be more informational regarding linking USB functionality…

that will be great!, I appreciate effort

what’s the -l flags are ??, I can’t pass -v to compiler, getting- pic32-gcc.exe: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-v,’
seems to be completely ununderstandable …way it works, passes the parameters

-l is the name of the library you wish to link in, see Redirecting... and Link Options (Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)).

I’m not even sure how that could occur, since the compiler should be downloaded automatically and its name should be correct… will have a look at it.