Permission denied while publish the package


Cmd : pio pkg publish --owner bytebeamio

While publish the package I am getting this error
Error: You do not have permission to publish a package using the bytebeamio account

PS: I have added the bytebeamio org

Any help is very much appreciated.

Do you see that you’re part of this org when you use the pio org list command? What does pio account show output?

Yes, I can see.

Last week I pushed a library, It was supposed to work.
I am not sure why this is happening, I logged out and logged in back, but it didn’t work out for me.

If the org and account worked last week and you did already pio account logout and pio account login and it still doesn’t work, it may be a backend issue. CC @ivankravets

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Please take a look at your screenshot and find try to find a difference. You MUST use the organization name for the --owner option but not the display name.

pio pkg publish --owner bytebeam
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Oh I Understood this one. I guess I interchanged the owner and display name

@ivankravets can you help me here by removing my previous registries, I want to give a new start.


The bytebeam org and its libraries have been deleted. You have full permission to the bytebeamio organization. Next time please use pio pkg publish --owner bytebeamio.

Thanks @ivankravets for the help.

It’s going good now, I found the org email is missing.

You can update org data using pio org update — PlatformIO latest documentation

@ivankravets It didn’t work out!

Thanks for the report. It was a bug on our side and we have fixed it yet. Could you re-test with a development version of PlatformIO Core? Open PlatformIO Core CLI in VSCode and type:

pio upgrade --dev

Does pio org update work now?

@ivankravets Yeah, it worked now. Thanks for the fix.

I am eager to know where public can see the org data that we want to share (say org email). I couldn’t find it in the platform io registry web interface after clicking the org name. I guess you already knew this.

Currently, we don’t show publicly organization e-mails but later we plan to extend with these data.

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Thanks @ivankravets for the help in the process.

We are now live on LinkedIn. More details here