Path to file problem with vscode+platformi

Build, upload and monitor all work well if it will compile so the paths as far as that goes work.

But if there is an error( intellisense ?) in lib in the Arduino dir:
lib_extra_dirs = ~/Documents/programming/Arduino/libraries/

Then the path is used 2 time and concatenated like:

	"resource": "/home/jmnc2/Documents/programming/Arduino/home_auto/lights_controller/home/jmnc2/Documents/programming/Arduino/libraries/1wire/src/1wire.h",
	"owner": "cpp",
	"severity": 8,
	"message": "expected unqualified-id before '=' token",
	"startLineNumber": 27,
	"startColumn": 29,
	"endLineNumber": 27,
	"endColumn": 29