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Parsing error in project moved from Arduino IDE

This is my first attempt in using the PlatformIO IDE and my first post here. I copied the source from the Arduino IDE and made the necessary changes. I have not been able to find the cause of the parsing error shown below. Ideas please?

Error: Invalid ‘C:\Users\steve\OneDrive\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\Alarm in PlatformIO\platformio.ini’ (project configuration file): 'Source contains parsing errors: ‘C:\Users\steve\OneDrive\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\Alarm in PlatformIO\platformio.ini’
[line 45]: ‘void setup( )\n’
[line 46]: ‘{\n’
[line 102]: ‘} \n’
[line 104]: ‘void loop( ) \n’
[line 105]: ‘{\n’
[line 133]: ‘} \n’
[line 135]: ‘void Sound(T_Array[], notes, tonePin, ampPwr, val)\n’
[line 136]: ‘{\n’
[line 161]: ‘} \n’
[line 163]: ‘void Amp_On_Off(On_Off, Vol, ampPin)\n’
[line 180]: ‘} \n’
[line 182]: ‘void Set_Volume(Volume)\n’
[line 183]: ‘{\n’
[line 192]: '}

Is C++ source code in the platformio.ini?

That’s supposed to be in src/main.cpp.

Thank you! Got it working.