Parcel test run in nanoatmega328

Hi, I’m currently working in a lora gateway that runs a specific communication protocol that is application specific, the microcontroller used is a classic Arduino nano (atmega328p). I have been writing test for all of my function trying to jump in the TDD wagon jaja and this has been really useful, unfortunately it seems that I have reached the RAM limit in my Arduino because if I add any other test the test script fails, I have seen 2 behaviors, it either does not output anything over serial or it loops endlessly between 4 test that are in the middle. When I commented out a chunk of test the Arduino answer as expected and runs all the tests that are not commented. Is there any way to parcel the tests in parts so the Arduino RAM does not get flooded, I know i’m actually doing that by commenting the tests but I was thinking of a more elegant solution, for instance an option in the pio test line I believe the -f option could be used for this.
Thanks in advance!

It looks like this is the good link Test Hierarchy — PlatformIO latest documentation
Anyway I would appreciate the community advice in this regard, how to organize and run the tests.

Definitely check that out, if you can split the tests like that so that PlatformIO produces multiple smaller binaries and uploads + tests them in sequence insted of one big binary, that should solve your problem.