Outdated version for NTPClient

I want to use the NTPClient for a project in VSCode.
The latest version on Plateformio is 3.1.0, but the latest in Github is 3.2.0.
When I try to force the version in the “plateformio.ini” by typing “arduino-libraries/NTPClient@3.2.0” in lib_deps, it says “couldn’t find the package”.
How can I update the plateformio library ?

Thanks !

As far as the PlatformIO specific library.json is concerned, the version is 3.1.0


Only the library.properties has the update version – was forgotton in the library.json.

The pull-request Update library.json by dushyantahuja · Pull Request #78 · arduino-libraries/NTPClient · GitHub was opened to correct this issue but the library maintainers have not responded.

You can work around this by instead specifying the git link or HTTP download link. Example:

lib_deps = 
; OR 

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Hey !
This is annoying…
Thanks for your quick answer and solution !