Outdated libraries via PIO's library manager


I am trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or if there is some kind of technical or legal limitation to PlatformIO when it comes to libraries. I have tried to install WifiManager by tzapu, and the latest version available to PIO is 0.16.0 whereas the arduino IDE makes 2.0.16-rc.2 available.

Thank you in advance for your insight.

Edit: Digging further, it looks like the issue is related to not respecting semantic versioning. Is there a way to get PlatformIO to list all tags by any chance?

Well technically “rc.2” is release-candidate 2, so not marked as stable. But indeed it should be available for people who want to use it, I think, while https://registry.platformio.org/libraries/tzapu/WiFiManager/versions does not have it. (cc @ivankravets ?)

In PlatformIO, you can still do,

lib_deps =

to get a stable reference to that version.

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Thank you for the workaround maxgerhardt, I’ve opened this issue Semantic versioning value parsing seems flawed and leads to unavailable versions · Issue #3854 · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub, hopefully it’s filled up correctly and in the right repo

Edit: Okay yeah, there hasn’t been a stable release since 0.16. I guess I should’ve filed the issue as a feature request then, seems like it’s currently working as intended