Organization Problem on Atom and VS Code

When I create a new project to work on, I save it to the designated PlatformIO project folder. However, on the Atom interface, it shows that another folder has been created outside of any directories I have created. When I remove this rogue directory and try to upload my code to the board, it says that the platformio.ini file is missing, even though it is still in the folder that I intended to create. Furthermore, choosing a location instead of using the default PlatformIO directory doesn’t fix the issue.


Also, since I’m a new user I can’t post two pictures, but after deleting the ‘fsdg’ folder outside of any other folders it gives a yellow “Make sure that an opened project you are trying to rebuid is a PlatformIO project (e.g., contains platformio.ini)” warning.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this rogue folder to be created?

I don’t use Atom, but looking at the folder structure, I don’t actually think it’s a ‘rogue’ folder, but actually your project folder added as part of a multi-root workspace. Try this (or it’s Atom equivalent) … right click on say the platformio.ini from one folder and choose the ‘show in folder’ / ‘open containing folder’ option, and see what that path is. Close the file explorer, and do the same for the other… I expect you’ll find they are the same folder. Meaning what you actually did was delete the project you just created… just the Atom file browser didn’t update to show that! :open_mouth:

On VSCode, PlatformIO usually adds the folder containing the your new project to the workspace browser, which doesn’t necessarily reflect your file system layout.

Yes, when I check the file path of both platformio.ini files, they have the same file path pointing to the project that I intended to create. Furthermore, if I check via the command line or in the file system itself, it doesn’t say that the “rogue” folder even exists, but if I delete this platformio.ini file it won’t compile. Therefore I was thinking that maybe the project folder that I created was a copy of the one that shows up outside my designated file system within Atom?
It’s a seemingly strange occurrence, but I thank you for your help! :grinning:

Yeah, getting the hang of workspaces is a bit confusing at first, but it’s really powerful in being able to let you group a bunch of separate, but related projects