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OneWire build problem - esp32_gpioMux not defined

Hi everyone,

I’m just getting started with Platformio and tried to build what I thought would be a simple example using the OneWire library. I’m getting this error at the moment.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction to fix it? My platformio.ini looks like this:


Many thanks in advance,


Yeah, the latest released library version isn’t compatible with the 2.0.3 Arduino core, as can be read publically in

By looking at Commits · PaulStoffregen/OneWire · GitHub you can see that the Tasmota people have landed a fix PR for Arduino core 2.x just 2 days ago, so you will need to specify

lib_deps = 

to get the latest library version from the Git that has the fix.

Super, thanks Max! I googled several times and got nothing, but I guess the issue is quite new. Thanks for supplying a fix:-).