One Dark theme different in Atom vs VS Code

I was wondering why and if it was possible to configure the One Dark theme in VS Code (right) to match that of the one in Atom (left)?

I’ve been using Atom for a while now, but ready to make the jump to VS Code as I’ve started encountering problems, but can’t get past the difference in colours that I’ve got used to.


In VSCode, you could try this:

  • File → Preferences → Colour Theme.
  • Scroll to bottom of list and choose Install Additional Colour Themes.

The fifth option in the search results list is Atom One Dark Theme 2.2.3 and looks remarkably like the one you show on the left of your screenshot.



Thanks Norman, I’ve given that one a go before because the preview does look very similar, but that’s actually the one in use in the image!

It’s mainly the variable names being in red that really throws me off looking at it a little closer. I’m sure I can dive in and adjust these settings myself somehow.

Sounds like the preview lied! :frowning:

Sorry about that.