On multi environment project all libraries are included/Compiled

PIO 3.5 with ATOM on MAC 10.12.6

When defining multiple environments on a project as [env:nodemcuv2] and [env:esp32]

I need to include different libraries for each of the environment, so I use lib_deps var to define for each environment the needed libraries.

The problem I face is that if I compile a single environment using default_env var, there is not problem, the includes work fine for each one of the environment,

If I do not specify de env to use, both are built and I need to explicitly exclude some library on ESP8266 env that are included in esp32.

What I believe is happening is that the library dependency folder is common for both environements so ALL included libraries for both environment are copied to that .piolibdeps folder so I need in each environment exclude the libs included in the other environment that do not apply.

Some libraries are not compatible with both environments raising error during compilation, even if they are no #include in the code.

Hope I could be clear on what I am reporting,

Please file an issue here