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Ok I just paid so I could use the debugger, but it's still saying I don't have permission to debug

Not very happy that I just paid good money to use something and it won’t let me. Already pissed that I didn’t realize the debugger cost money, and I created an account 2 months ago and didn’t even have a JTAG device until today which meant I never even got a trial.

Could you please provide some information about:

  • The PlatformIO version of your installation
  • The IDE you use
  • Your operation system
  • Which JTAG Adapter and (development) board you’re using
  • Exacly, which error do you get
  • What’ your PIO Plus Plan


We need the exact error message here. Also, are you using it with the VSCode IDE or from the shell?

If you are using the CLI: Especially important are the output of the commands pio account show. If it tells you “You are not logged in.”, then do a pio account login and fill in the details. Note that the account on the community forum might be different to the account details entered here.

If using the IDE: Check that you are logged in and that you see your plans you’ve paid for.

Could you try to logout/login again?

Yes I was able to get it working after logging out and logging back in again in PIO.