Nucleo L432KC can't upload nor debug

Hello, I am trying to use this little board, Nucleo L432KC with PlatformIO with no success.
here is my platform.ini:


platform = ststm32

board = nucleo_l432kc

framework = arduino

debug_tool = stlink

upload_protocol = stlink

#monitor_speed = 115200

#debug_port = COM7

lib_deps = Simple FOC, Wire, SPI

And I get temporary breakpoint. the program is never uploaded



“Remote target detached” doesn’t look healthy. First of all, can you install the latset core version? (CLIpio upgrade --dev).

Then do a normal “build” and the project task “Advanced → Verbose Upload” and post the output here.

Upload and monitor works, the program downloads and the serial port opens.
However, “Run without debugging” gives me this:


Yes that looks very correct. It sets the first temporary breakpoint in the main() function fo the firmware, which i this case is part of the STM32Duino framework. If you click “Step over” and “Step into” using the debug buttons up there, it takes you to your setup() function, yes?