NRF52 external board without LFXO


The question is: How to configure the platformio.ini file to use an internal crystal (LFRC), instead of default external (LFXO)?

More details:
OS: Ubuntu

  • External - Holyiot 17095 board (nrf52832 without LFXO).
  • Primary - NRF52-DK as a Platformio board.

Based on this manual setUp all Env and it works well:

  • blink LED on nrf52-DK
  • blink LED on external board (Holyiot 17095)
  • BLE example on nrf52-DK
  • BLE example on nrf52-DK: may see on the App, but can’t connect with error: " Error(0x85):GATT ERROR".

Probably this error happens as my board doesn’t have external lof frequency crystal (LFXO).


I found that it is possible to declare by #define USE_LFRC. But it still doesn’t work. I am not sure that this setting applied.