NRF5 SDK Support

Hi There,

I have an NRF52 project which has been built using the official NRF5_SDK from Nordic (version 15). I would like to port it on Platformio. How should i do it?
Will Paltformio add NRF5_SDK framework support any time soon?

Is there a manual way to integrate the NRF5 SDK with the current Platformio Core?

Thanks a lot!

BTW I am new to platformio but I really like it, I want to port all my projects!

Just FYI, I’m in the process of porting it as a community project; no idea about official plans. BTW what exact board do you have?

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We will back to this feature request soon. Please vote here

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That is great! Where should I look for to get the package once you will release it?
It is a custom board using the nRF52832 that I design a while ago!

For now development will be started at GitHub - maxgerhardt/platform-nordicnrf52: Nordic nRF52: development platform for PlatformIO (and later equivalently for platform-nordicnrf51 with a lower SDK version that supports the nRF51 chipsets), after that a test phase and a pull-request into GitHub - platformio/platform-nordicnrf52: Nordic nRF52: development platform for PlatformIO. I’ll be working with a Particle Xenon (nRF52840)

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