nRF24- How can it be declared?

This is the evil Arduino raising it’s ugly head again, I’m sure of it.

Every example sketch has this declaration for the RF24:
Nrf24l Mirf = Nrf24l(10, 9);

None of them compile.
Here’s the error:
src\main.cpp:8:27: error: no matching function for call to ‘Nrf24l::Nrf24l(int, int)’
Nrf24l Mirf = Nrf24l(10, 9);
Mirf is here:

I know people are using this stupid 1980s technology, but I can’t get past the declaration.
Can anyone help??

Looking at the code, the Mirf variable shouldn’t need declaring as the Mirf.cpp file does it for you, and in theheader file Mirf.h the constructor tskes no parameters. Your code is passing 2.