nRF SDK Library Management

I am evaluating to see if platform io build system could be useful for us. I am trying to set up the full nRF SDK as a library for gcc toolchain based development. Some questions/issues I had:

  • Can the Library Dependency Manager be used to selectively compile files from the SDK library as opposed to compiling all the source code in the library? I am looking for an automatic solution as opposed to listing out values using srcFilter.
  • preprocessor -D defines in build:flags attribute of library.json are being ignored. The define works if placed in platformio.ini. Is this by design? The example here makes it seem possible. The same is true of other flags like -W, only -I seems to work. I want to be able to compile the nrf SDK with less strict warning flags than the application.
  • In library.json, how do I recursively add all folders within the SDK to the -I include path instead of listing them all out?

Have you seen Redirecting... and build section?