"Not PlatformIO Project" Problem

I am getting the following error below, when I am trying to open my React Personal-ship-project in Platform IO.
How do I get around "This is not PlatformIO Project (should contain platformio.ini file) error.
I want to be able to open my existing project in Platform IO.

It says to add a “platformio.ini” file to your project’s root folder.

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This seems like a pure web project. There is no src/, lib/, include/ or test/ folder and also no platformio.ini. As @jxsl13 said, this needs at least a platformio.ini. Though you might want to just create a new project with the target microcontroller you need; if you absolutely sure you want to initialize a PIO project inside this web project, that is.

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This is a React.js project, right?

PlatformIO can’t do anything with React projects. So just open the project with File / Open… (instead of using the PlatformIO Open Project command) and Visual Studio Code directly.

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I am using code . to open my React.js project from an iterm2 command line.
I am using Visual Studio Code, Knex, Express, Yarn, Package JSON, Node Modules, SQLite 3 Database, Postman and React with my personal project to go online.
Are you actually saying that PlatformIo does not work with this?

I am looking for a good IDE to make the debugging side more easier for my React Project and I thought PlatformIO would help.

Here is my project GitHub - RobertWSON/Personal-ship-project at robs-shipslist-under-cruiselines

PlatformIO is for C/C++ programming for IoT devices. It has no support whatsoever for web applictions and Javascript.

PlatformIO is usually run with an extension from within Visual Studio Code. And Visual Studio Code is the perfect choice for React projects. It’s even better if you convert your React project to Typescript.

So just ignore the PlatformIO extension and use the standard Visual Studio Code. Happy coding…