Not Find LIbrary

Hello, I trying to add arduino’s third party library arduinojson in example with uses arduino core as component of esp-idf but they not find the library in build. I verified the paths in c_ccp_properties and is all ok.

Build error:


I see here this problem only occurs when i put a “framework = arduino, espidf” and the packed of framework. Like the platformio.ini above.
When is only arduino the library is finded.

Maybe some problem appears when the frameworks are used in conjunction. Does specifying

lib_deps = ArduinoJson

in the platformio.ini help?

Also, you have a typo in plataform_packages, aka platform_packages.

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Could you turn off LDF compatibility mode?

Hello guys, I tried added lib_deps and turn off de compatibility mode but still the same error occurs. And i tried too create the components directory and change cmake lists, like say in documentation of ESP IDF Components but stiil the same error.

But now they find dependecy of Arduino Json.