Not able to install and open platformio in VScode on fresh Ubuntu 18.04 with fresh VC code


I hate seeing this on a brand new empty Ubuntun 18.04 and a just fresh installed VC code.

During installation I got the "Don’t close this window until " message and an endless sandclock.

Aborting after 2(!) hour and new install got the same message…
Third try did not show the message anymore, but no Home or extension nowhere to see.
VC Code thinks all is fine


Hmm… i will try this next:

sudo install python-pip (maybe we need Phyton 2 support?)
pip --no-cache-dir install -U platformio

Any other Ideas?

Do you use see any errors in VSCode > Help > Developer Tools > Console?

I just did a quick VM install of ubuntu 18.04, and only python3 is installed by default. Installing plain v2.7 sudo apt install python was enough to fix things after a restart of vscode.

This popup came up as soon as the extension started to attempt installing platformio…

And this is the debug console…

After python27 is installed…

This is not good, it should work with a clean Ubuntu and Python 3. We will test it.


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