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Not a project, as such, but a book! (MODERATORS: feel free to delete this post!)

@MODERATORS: If this is far too much blatant advertising, please delete this post and apologies for any stress caused! Thanks.

While I’ve not been building any useful projects with PlatformIO, yet, I have written about it in my first (paper) book - Arduino Software Internals - whihc is currently on sale at 55% discount until 24th June, over at Use the “SUMMER55” discount code. (

Chapter 6 of the book is devoted mostly to PlatformIO as an Arduino IDE replacement and covers the command line, and VSCode/VSCodium IDE versions, using the generated files with other IDEs (Code::Blocks etc) and so on.

Kind regards and thanks to all involved in creating this great platform for AVR (and STM32) development. I love it and I keep finding new stuff to learn.


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Whilst there is a degree of ‘blatant advertising’, it’s advertising for a book that does discuss PlatformIO, so I agree that it is relevant :wink:

I had a look at the preview of the first two pages of Chapter 6, and I can see already there’s a second edition needed, as PlatformIO generally uses Python 3 now, not 2.7! :laughing: The perils of book writing for computer software… things will have most likely changed by the time you finish the book! :rofl:

Regardless, good luck with the book… it looks like it will be a useful reference for Arduinoites! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I better get on with the rewrite!

As for the advertising, yes, I blame yesterday’s gin! Apologies to all. This post was flagged as spam (quite right) and hidden but it seems to have been released now.