Nordic nRF52 Known Issues and Anomalies

I’d like to review the known issues and anomalies for the Nordic nRF52 BSP and ARM GNU Toolchain used for our PlatformIO project. Currently we are using nordicnrf52@8.2.0 with Zephyr v2.6, but there are newer versions available which may or may not have fixes which could be important for our application.

Is there a way to relate the PlatformIO nordicnrf52 package version to a nRF5 SDK version or nRF Connect SDK version?

Our platformio.ini pulls nordicnrf52@8.2.0 and Zephyr v2.6. PlatformIO Core 6.1.x gives really good information on the packages it has available. Zephyr RTOS has very good version identification which makes it easy to relate to the list of known issues. Nordic does list known issues in its release notes for each version, but apart from the approximate date, how can I known which nRF SDK version was used to create a PlatformIO nordicnrf52 package?

pio pkg show framework-zephyr
pio pkg show nordicnrf52
pio pkg show toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi

I’ve done a bit more digging and it seems that the framework-zephyr and nordicnrf52 packages are not related (directly) to the Nordic SDK at all. Nordic’s web site describes this. The PlatformIO framework-zephyr package contains all of the target specific source code from the Zephyr project GitHub repo and the nordicnrf52 package only contains target specific builder scripts, JSON package files and device tree files.

So it looks like I should consider the framework-zephyr and nordicnrf52 packages as one bundle, with issues and anomalies as documented by the Zephyr project release notes,