Non-Volatile storage on ESP32?

I’d like to modify Non-Volatile Storage on an ESP32.

Platformio’s Updating Binary Data documenation seems promising, but the access method is something like

extern const uint8_t aws_root_ca_pem_start[] asm("_binary_src_aws_root_ca_pem_start");

Whereas when I look at the espressif NVS example, I see access methods like

err = nvs_get_i32(my_handle, "restart_counter", &restart_counter);

Am I missing something, or will I need to use espressif’s toolchain instead of Platformio’s for that? Thanks!

You’ve confused two things here: When embedding binary data using the directive

build_flags =

the PIO as well Espressif toolchain will do the exact same thing, that is read the file, inject it into the binary at some point and make it visible as a symbol name by the namescheme _binary_<path>_start and _binary_<path>_end. The binary gets then uploaded to the flash.

This API on the other hand (read this) allocates a section in flash for the creation of a non-volatile data storage system.

These are two ways to store data. The NVS API should also be available in PlatformIO if it’s included in the ESP-IDF version that PIO distributes (see Releases · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub).

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Yup, you’re completely right! Thanks for that.

For reference to others, here’s the steps I followed:

I used this guide as a reference.

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