NodeMCU not connecting to WiFi

Hi guys, I was working on a IoT car project and suddenly my nodeMCU stopped to connect my WiFi. I tried to use my mobile phone as hotspot but still it didn’t connect. I used WiFiScan sketch to see if it finds my networks. It actually did. Here is the screenshots;


‘‘Ozel’’ and ‘‘asd’’ networks are mine.

I checked ssid and password, there is nothing wrong. I still can’t figure out what might cause this problem.

I would suggest that since you are using the Arduino IDE there, try the Tools -> Erase: Sketch + WiFi Settings option, and upload again… perhaps something is just stuck in the wifi setings, since you’ve established the wifi is still receiving , and have a very strong wifi signal/RSSI… perhaps too strong a signal, actually?

I just tried this and it didn’t work. It was connecting to my both networks yesterday. I don’t know what did I do wrong.